Search Engine Optimization


Effective web site promotion is an essential part of any successful Internet marketing program. Search engine submission is the most effective and inexpensive way to promote your web site on the Internet.


Our submission plans is a comprehensive web site promotion plan enabling you to take full advantage of this powerful advertising avenue. It is ideal for web sites in competitive categories or trying to make an impact in the major search engines.


Search Engine Optimization – Search engine optimization services can help your site climb to the top of the search engines. We don't use cloaking, doorway pages, hidden text, or anything else that will cause search engines to ban your site. We follow all of the latest search engine and directory guidelines. Dynasoft will assist you to improve your search engine placement using a content rich site blended with our expertise of search engine algorithms to help improve your web sites ranking.


Search Engine Submission – Once your web site has been optimized to rank well in search engines, it's time to submit your site for indexing. We can submit your site to 1500 different search engines via some software program. We also do manual submission to top 10-15 search engines and directories.


More about Search Engine Optimization

For most web sites there is no single technique that will make a big difference in your search engine placement. It is a combination of small changes that can make the difference such as utilizing relevant tags (header tags, alt tags, meta's, etc.). We also use site maps, robots file and cascading style sheets to make sure the robots can find plenty of information as it crawls through the web site. Quality links can also be established to help build your link popularity, a growing asset in search engine placement.


How We Submit Your Site?

We like to use a web sites “site map” when submitting to search engines that do not have a robot. We usually open two different browsers, one with the site map, the other with the search engines add URL page. We then open each of the pages on your site and copy the URL and paste it into the ‘add URL’ form. Not only does this ensure that you get the correct URL submitted, the site map provides you with a check list to ensure all the pages on your site added.